Alignment Centre

Here at Silverline Wheels and Tyres in Warwick we believe that our state-of-the-art John Beam 3D tracking system is the best available in wheel alignment.

Tracking is a very important part of keeping your tyres in good condition. With the general state of the roads, hitting a pot-hole or speed-bump even at low speeds can affect your steering, balancing and general feel of the car.

We always recommend that you have your car track checked once a year, or when new tyres are fitted – we’ll discuss with you the work to be done and the cost in advance… and you’ll receive a full colour print out of the report before and after.

Regardless of your vehicle type, make or model, our alignment centre is the place to make sure everything’s just right.

Call us now on +44 (0)1926 490002 to speak to one of our friendly and experienced advisors and arrange to have your wheels, tyres or both fitted and expertly aligned while you wait.

Check Your Tread

Apparently, not many people like crawling around looking at the tyre tread depths. But we love it! We’re always happy to check the tread depths on your tyres for you and advise on all things tyre related.

One such issue is the legal minimum tread depth – currently it’s 1.6mm – and Silverline support the UK tyre industry to have this changed to 3mm.

It might sound obvious, but good tyres in good condition mean better handling in both wet and dry conditions, as well as shorter braking distances.

We are also proud industry supporters with www.tyresafe.org whose website has wealth of information and incredibly useful guides.

Their mission is to ensure “the UK’s motorists have clear and objective advice on all aspects of tyre maintenance and how to choose the right tyre for their driving needs”…

…and we agree wholeheartedly.